İt is the first time that a Wista International Conference will take a place in Turkey.
We, as Wista Turkey, are very excited to organize Wista International Conference 2015.
We had just a glimpse of experience from WistaMed Conference that held in Istanbul in 2011 but when we took a start for International one, we understood, it is much more complicated!!
From the beginning we are facing variety of difficulties, but it does not diminish our exciment at all.
Since our establishment in 2009, we have attended nearly all International Wista Conferences and we know how much serious work it involves and I am sure our board and our members will do their utmost for an memorable/enjoyable/enlighting conference alltogether.

I sincerely believe that WISTA Turkey has taken a great step forward, like Wista International, building the respect from all the maritime industries and developping/improving day by day.
İ am proud that many young Turkish women with their bright futures, showing more and more interest in being a Wista !

From time to time we will be approaching to Wista members who were active in previous conferences, for share of information, share of experience and assistance.
İ thank each of them in advance for their valuable time with us,

Will be updating our schedule/agenda in coming days..

sooo long!!

President of Wista Turkey